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How Do I Insert A Bulleted List And A Table?

Below are instructions on how to insert a bulleted list and/or a table.  There are also instructions on how to edit the contents of the table.

Add 4 bullet items

1. Select the home tab.

2. Click into the word document at the spot you want your list to start.

3. Click the bullet icon shown above.

After you select the bullet icon, whenever you press enter, it will create a new bullet.

Insert a 2X2 table

1. Select the insert tab.

2. Select the table icon.

3. Choose the size of your table.

4. Insert the text you want into each section of the table.

Add text to the table

1. Click into one of table cells.

2. Then you can begin typing or pasting the text you want inside.

Change the font of the content

1. Highlight the text you want to change.

2. Click on the home tab.

3. Select the font tab and choose which font to use.

4. Select the size tab and select which font size to use.

5. Select the color icon shown above. (It looks like an A with red line underneath)


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