How Do I Download Microsoft Office?

University Store

You will first need to access the BYU-I store website at

Microsoft Downloads

Hover your mouse over the Technology tab, and then hover over the Free Microsoft Downloads tab. Click on Download.

Sign In

Click the Sign In button. This will prompt you with with a log in screen. You will need to sign in with your BYU-Idaho credentials.

Product Selection

Click on the product you wish to download. For this tutorial, we are going to click on Office 2016.

Add to Cart

This product is free for students - you will only run through the checkout system to "purchase" the free product in the system.

Click on the Add to Cart button.


Click on the Shopping Cart button in the top right. Then click on the Check Out button in the bottom right.

Note that this product is free.

License Agreement

Read the license agreement and sign the document digitally using your Username and typed Signature.

Click the Accept button.

Complete Order


Verify that your name and email are correct and click the Proceed With Order button.

Download Software


Once the order has been placed, click the Download button on the right hand side.

Note that your product key is displayed in red below the Items subheading.  You will need this key to install your product. After 30 days, the University does NOT keep record of this key, so write it down!



Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with your download.