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Transitioning from AdobeConnect to Zoom? FAQ

AdobeConnect Zoom
Where is the Attendee pod? Zoom has a tool called "Participants." Hosts and attendees can use the Participants tool to have additional interaction tools within a meeting, like "raising hands," "thumbs up," etc.
What are the chat options? Zoom allows meeting participants to chat. The chat button is found in the bottom bar of a Zoom meeting.

Zoom also allows BYU-Idaho employees and students to have instant message conversations one-on-one or in groups without having to be in a meeting.
How do I share screen? Zoom screen sharing is found in the bottom bar of a Zoom meeting. It will allow you to share your entire screen, individual apps, whiteboard, and online videos.
How do I change layouts? Zoom does not have layouts. Zoom's strategy is that the interface is always the same in each meeting. Meeting hosts don't pre-load content, they simply share their content through the screen share tool.
How do I share a video? In Zoom you will share your screen and then play the video from whatever site or player you are using on your computer. However, make sure you check the box at the bottom of the screenshare menu that allows you to share your computer audio. 
How do I share a PowerPoint? In Zoom you will choose to share your screen, then you can choose to share your entire desktop or just your PowerPoint window. We recommend sharing just the window of the application you want to share. That will prevent pop-ups from interrupting your presentation.
How do I do breakout rooms? Zoom has breakout rooms like AdobeConnect. See the documentation in the Zoom Help Center for help.
Does Zoom have a mobile app like AdobeConnect did? Yes. Go to your mobile app store and search for Zoom. The app is called Zoom Cloud Meetings. The mobile app works quite well and has a push to talk feature for driving mode. 
How do I do multiple chat pods so that I can do jig-saw like activities? Zoom doesn't have this feature. To have multiple discussions going on at once, you would need to use breakout rooms. 
Can students join a meeting? Students can join a meeting using the meeting ID. Users can change their meeting ID to any number that is not already in use.
Can students host a meeting? BYU-Idaho students each have a Zoom account and host and record meetings with up to 100 other attendees.

Pathway students do not have accounts in Zoom at this time, but may join any teacher's meeting without having to login.