How do I use Zoom for group work?


Zoom is a video chatting platform used in BYU-Idaho courses for group collaboration and instructor meetings. For more information on Zoom, see the What is Zoom? article.


To begin, download Zoom and make an account. For step-by-step information on how to get started, see the How Do I Get Started with Zoom? article.

After setting up your account, if you open Zoom, you should see a small popup window that looks something like this:

These options allow you to collaborate according to your needs. For group work, you will need to choose one person to set up the meeting and provide a way for other students to join the meeting. To start a meeting, you can either click the "Start with video" or "Start without video" buttons or you can click the "Meetings" at the bottom of the page and hit "Start". 

The Meetings tab of the window also shows you the Personal Meeting ID (PMI) for your session, which should have three sections separated by dashes. This is what the other students will need to enter to join your group. 

From the Meetings tab, you can also edit your PMI and schedule the meeting to start at a specific time. By clicking on "Edit", you can add a Password to your meeting.

When you're ready to start your session, a new window should appear that should start a video from your webcam or as a page set to "Talking" with different audio and sharing options. If you want the video to have video and your camera isn't connecting to Zoom, see Zoom's Troubleshooting page.

To add more people to your session, you can give them the PMI as mentioned above or invite them manually by contact, email, or by copying the link and invitation. Use the two buttons at the bottom of the screen to copy the link or invitation. When inviting someone by email, click the option you want (default, Gmail, or Yahoo email). This opens a new email with a link to the Zoom room you've created. Enter the emails of the other people who need to be in the group.

Click on the "Invite by Contacts" tab to search for someone who has already created an account through their BYU-Idaho email. You should be able to search for them by name if their account has been activated.

For more training and help documents with Zoom, please visit: