How Do I Do Closed Captioning in Zoom?

Closed Caption Settings

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Navigate to or then click My Zoom Account.

Go to Settings

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1. Click Settings on the left navigation bar.

2. Click In Meeting (Advanced).

Toggle Closed Captioning

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1. Make sure that the Closed captioning toggle is on (blue).

2. It may also be good to auto-save those captions by making sure that the Save Captions toggle is also on (blue).

Using Closed Captions in a Zoom Meeting

In-meeting captions

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Once Closed Captions are turned on in your settings, the button will be available on the bottom toolbar of a Zoom meeting.

1. Click the Closed Captions button.

2. Click Assign a participant to type.

Assign a Captioner

1. Hover over a participants' name, then select More.

2. Click Assign to Closed Caption to choose that participant to begin working on them.

Closed Caption Interface

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The participant that is working on the closed captions should see a box like this they will be able to type live captions into.