How Do I View Previous Gradebook Entries?

Gradebook History allows you to view previous gradebook entries for a grade item.

Go to Gradebook

Click "Grades" in the sidebar to go to the course's gradebook

View Gradebook History

Click the cog on the right side of the page and select "View Gradebook History."

If you are using the New Gradebook (you can check to see if you are in the Feature Options in the course settings), "View Gradebook History" is in the top left under the Gradebook dropdown.

Filter Results

  1. Search for specific results using the filters.  Usually, searching by Student and Assignment yields good results.
  2. Click "Filter" to search for the criteria you entered.

Gradebook History

  1. The column on the left shows each time a change was made to the student's grades for a specific item.
  2. The 3 columns on the right show what the grade was before the change, after the change, and the current grade for that item.