How Do I Customize my Dashboard?

You can change a few settings on your dashboard to make it easier to manage:

  1. You can change the nickname and color of a course.
  2. You can change the order of courses on your dashboard.  You can also change which course cards show up on your dashboard.
Changing the Nickname and Color

Choose Course

Click the options button (the three dots) on the course you want to nickname.

Change Nickname

  1. Type a new nickname in the text box.
  2. Select the preferred color or enter a hex code for the text and tile color.
  3. Click Apply to save the settings.
Changing the Dashboard Layout

In the Card View, you can customize the order of the cards on your dashboard.

Select Course Card

Click and hold the course card you want to move.

Drag Course Card

Drag the course card to the new location on your dashboard.

You can choose which courses you see on your dashboard so it doesn't get cluttered with cards.

View Courses

Click the Courses icon in the global navigation bar.

Go to All Courses

Click "All Courses" to view a list of all courses you are enrolled in.

Star Courses

By default, none of the courses will be starred, so they will all show up on your dashboard.  Star the courses you want to show on your dashboard.