How Do I Create a Plot/Graph in Mobius?

Create a Question

Navigate to the question creator by following this tutorial.

Maple TA Algorithm

Scroll down to the Algorithm portion of the question to being adding the code.

Add the Code

$a = range(1,5);
$plot = plotmaple("plot(($a*x), view=[0..5,0..5]), plotoptions='height=250, width=250'");

The following code will create a random variable from 1 to 5 then set it to the slop of a linear equation. The graph will plot the equation ($a*x) and show it from 0 to 5 on both axes. The plot options referes to the width and heights in pixels that it will display on the screen.

Add Plot to Question

You can use the variable $plot just like any other Maple variable and add it to the question text. $plot can also be added to the text area in hints, sorting questions and other places.

Add Responce Area

Click on Responce Area and

  1. Select Maple-graded
  2. Set answer to $a
  3. Click OK


Click on Preview to see what your question looks like. When your done click on Close.

Save & Close

Click on Save & Close to finalize your question.