How Do I Create a Question in Mobius?

Content Repository

Navigate to your class in Maple TA and click on the Content Repository tab.

Create New Question

Click on the Create New button and then on Question/Text.

You can also create questions from within an assignment under the Select Questions tab and clicking on the New Question button.

Name and Text

Give you question a simple name to help you find it later and enter the text for the question. In this example we will be using two variables called $width and $length.

Response Area

Select Answer Type

There are many different answer types that you can select. For this example we will use a Maple-graded answer which we set to variable $answer. Once you have set up your answer click OK.


Now we are going to define what all the variables are that we have used. Click on the Algorithm option and enter the following code. This will set variable $width to a whole number between 1 and 8. Variable $length will be set to a whole number between 4 and 10. The variable $answer will equal the product of width and length.

Save and Close

Congratulations you have successfully created a question in Maple TA. Click on Save & Close to finish.