How Do I Copy A Mobius (Maple TA) Course?

There are two methods you can use to copy a course in Maple TA: 

  1. Create a child course: This is the simplest way the create a copy of a Maple TA course. The major drawback about creating a child course is that all the content of the child course will be an exact reflection of the parent course contect—permanently. You cannot change the content of the child course independent of the parent course. If any changes need to be made to the content of the course, they will have to be made in the parent course. 
  2. Import/Export Content: This method takes a bit more time, but creates an independent copy of the course. 

 This article will cover both methods. 

Method 1: Create a Child Course

Access Parent Course

Click on the course you want to copy.

Add Child Class

Click Add Child Class.

Class Information

Enter course information and click on Submit.

Your class has been successfully copied.


Method 2: Import Course Content

Content Repository

In the course you want to copy, click on Content Repository.

Select Assignments

Check the box next to Assignments then click on Export.


The course content is downloaded as a .zip file. You will want to leave that file as it is; do not unzip it

Create New Class

Within your I-Learn  I-Learn, create a new Maple TA class.

Check out this article if you need help creating a new Maple TA Class

Class Information

Enter in the information for the new course and click Submit.

Import Content

In the content repository of the new class, click on Import.

Click on Choose File.

Select and click on Open.

Click on  Import Content and your course is successfully copied. You may need to refresh your page.

You may notice that your assignments appear to be out of order after they are imported. If this is the case, simply drag them back into order in the Content Repository.