How Do I Set Up A Grade Report in Mobius?

First navigate to your class in Maple T.A.

Grade Reports

Go to Gradebook and select Grade Reports.

New Report

Click the New button at the bottom of the page.

Name the Report

Type in the name of the grade report, according to the setup notes in your course.

Each gradebook item in I-learn will match a single group in Maple TA, unless you are only transferring the “Maple TA Calculated Total”.  See the Transferring Grades from Maple TA document for more information.

Add Group

Click the Add Group button.

Follow instructions in the setup notes in your course for each of the following:

  • Group name
  • Weight Assignment as ...
  • Weight % (The grade percentage the group will have in the overall score).
  • Non-Attempts  (zero everything from beginning or ignore non-attempts in calculation)
  • Drop Lowest ...
  • Use  Grades
  • Bonus (checked or unchecked)

Add Assignments

Connect all corresponding assignments into the group, again according to the setup notes in your course.

Repeat these steps until all Groups have been created.

Note: The combined weight of all the groups needs to be 100%.