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How Do I Create a Mobius (Maple TA) Assignment?

Content Repository

Select Unit

  1. Select the unit you want to add an assignment to
  2. Click Create New
  3. Click on Assignment

Set Name

  1. Assignment name - The name of the assignment as it will show to the student.
  2. Short name - This will appear on the content repository page to save space.
  3. Description - This will be shown to the students as they begin the assignment.
  4. Show at head - Text entered here will appear on every page. This would be a great place to put equations that students can use on the assignment or special instructions.
  5. Show on the results - This text will only apear after students submit the assignment. This could be used to gives students general feedback, or instructions to complete after they complete the assignment.

Select Questions

  1. Click on the Select Questions tab on the top.
  2. Choose the Import Questions option

For instructions on how to create a question use this tutorial.

Import a Question

  1. Select Current Class
  2. Select Questions
  3. Check the box next to the questions you want to add. You can select multiple questions at one time.
  4. Click the blue Import button.

Add More Questions

If you need to add or create more questions you can use the blue Add button on the right of the screen.

Set Policies

Click on the Set Policies tab to be able to change settlings regarding attempts, passwords or time limits.

If you want more information on policies check out this tutorial.

Save and Close

Click the Save & Close button to finalize your assignment. You will get a pop up to confirm just click Save & Close again.