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How Do I Create a Child Class in Mobius (Maple TA)?

This article details how to create a child class based on an existing Maple TA Class in both Brightspace and Canvas.

Brightspace Instructions

In the I-Learn 3.0 course, find the Maple TA link. (Follow the instructions in the Setup for Course Instructor in the course.)

When setting up a new Maple TA course, ignore all other courses that may appear. In the Class Mapping area, click the new class button.

Most of the information is already filled in and should NOT be changed.

In the "Inherit content from" section, use the drop down box and find the course from the list that matches the correct course code and semester.

After the correct course has been selected, click on the submit button. This will go back to the Class Mapping screen.

Back in the Class Mapping section, select the course that was just made—it should have the same name as the original I-Learn section—and click "Link to class Home". This should provide a message about grades. Click okay.

The link is now setup. Now, whenever the link is clicked, it will lead to the course homepage in Maple TA.

Canvas Instructions

To create a Maple TA child class for a Canvas course, first go to modules in Canvas then click on the "+" button next to the module where the child class should be created. The child course can be added in any module, but it would be best placed in the module where it is first used.

Choose "External Tool" from the list of options then scroll down and click on "MapleTA V1.1".

Scroll down to the bottom and add a page name for the item. Select the option to load in a new tab then click "Add Item".

Make sure that the new item is published by clicking the grey circle with a line through it. After clicking it, it should become a green circle with a check mark.

Now, click on the item that was just created.

Click the button to load the course in a new window.

Click the "New Class" button.

Fill out the information on the page. Ensure that the class name is correct and the content is being inherited from the correct course. When finished, click the "Submit" button.

Now that the course has been created, the item needs to be linked to the home page. To do this, select the correct course from the drop down under the section "Create a Link to a Class Home Page", then click the button "Link to Class Home".