How Do I Create a New Survey?

How to create a new survey in I-Learn.

Edit Course

1. Click on Content in the navigation bar.

New Survey

In the content module where you want to place the survey,

  1. Click Upload/Create.
  2. Click New Survey.


  1. Give the survey a title.
  2. Check the Anonymous box if you wish the responses to the survey to be anonymous.
  3. Enter any instructions that you wish the respondents to see before they take the survey.
  4. Click Publish.

Survey Setup

Click Survey Setup

Add/Edit Questions

1. If necessary, make survey results anonymous by checking the box under Anonymous.

2. Click Add/Edit Questions.

New Question

1. Click New.

2. Select the type of question you wish to ask.

Format Question

1. Insert the question's text under Question Text.

2. Format the question options. These will be different for each question type; click this link for details about each question type.

3. Click Save.

Add Additional Survey Questions

1. Repeat the previous two steps for every question in the survey.

2. When finished adding questions, click Done Editing Questions.


1. Click on the Restrictions tab.

2. Change Status from Inactive to Active.

3. If necessary, add a Start Date and an End Date.

Save and Close

Click Save and Close at the bottom of the screen.