Import Intern Evaluation Survey on Qualtrics

Do you already have a Qualtrics Account created?

Have you visited and set up your personal account?

Create a Qualtrics Account

Go to When prompted, login using your BYU-Idaho Username and Password. This should then take you to your Qualtrics homepage.

Do you have the Qualtrics .qsf file ready?

A .qsf file has been emailed to faculty for them to download for importing the Intern Evaluation survey into their Qualtrics accounts.

Download .qsf File on to your computer

You can download the .qsf file from this link here.

Create a new project

At your home page, click the Create new project button found on the right-hand side of the screen.

Make a new survey

Click the Survey button to create a new survey

Import the Intern Evaluation Survey using the .qsf file

Select the .qsf file you have downloaded onto your computer.

Click Open

Click Get Started

Access the Intern Evaluation Survey

You now have your own copy of the Intern Evaluation Survey!

Congratulations, you are done!