How Do I Create a Qualtrics Account?

Qualtrics is a software we use to create, distribute, and view the results of surveys.  All students, faculty, and employees have access to create a Qualtrics account through the school.

Go to Qualtrics

In your web browser, go to

Log In

Log in using your BYU-I credentials. (If you are already logged into your BYU-I account, then you won't need to log in again.)

Create New Account

Select "No, I don't have a preexisting account here" to create a new account.

Finish Login

Click "Sign In" to finish logging in to your account.

Update Account Information

  1. Fill out the requested account information (graduation date is not required).  
  2. Click "Update" when finished.

The first and last name fields will likely be auto-populated with your username.  Please correct these fields as this can cause issues with collaboration.

Accept Terms of Service

Click "I accept" in the bottom right to begin using Qualtrics.