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How to Record a Meeting in Zoom and Insert the Recording in Canvas?

Begin Recording

While in a meeting,

1. Click on Record to open a drop-down menu.

2. Click on Record to the Cloud, or use the keyboard shortcut: Control+Shift+C for Windows, or Command+Shift+C for an Apple computer. Note that Record on this Computer will only create a local copy, and you will not able to access it from any other device.

Consider always recording to the cloud, as this will make all of your meeting recording available on any device.

End Recording

To end the recording, click on the square Stop button.

End Meeting

After ending the recording, click on End Meeting.

The recording is now processing. You will receive an email when the recording is finished and ready to use.

Find Recording

  1. Go to byui.zoom.us and sign in with your BYU-Idaho credentials.
  2. Navigate to the left sidebar and click Recordings.
My Recordings - Zoom

You can search by date, as well as ID, topic, and keyword, with these buttons here:

My Recordings - Zoom

As previously noted, your recording make take several hours to finish processing and be accessible from here. Fortunately, you will be sent an email to your BYU-Idaho email account when the recording is ready to use. If your recording has finished processing, or if it's from a past meeting, it will show up in the list, like this:

To add these files to Canvas, you'll need to either download them and embed them in to Canvas, or just add a link to them in Canvas. Either way, you'll want to click on the link (the title of the meeting), which will bring you here:


Recording Information - Zoom

To upload the files into Canvas, using Kaltura or your preferred method for handling videos, you'll click on the Download button. It is circled in blue in the screenshot above. To add a link to the files instead, click Copy shareable link, which is marked above in red.