How to Set up I-Plan

As a tutor, you will need to set up I-Plan in order to schedule appointments with students. 

Set up your Zoom account

Since you are an online tutor and cannot meet with students in person, Zoom is available to you for holding video conferences. For help setting up your account, see the following resources:

What is Zoom?

How Do I Get Started with Zoom?

How to Register for Zoom

Find your Zoom ID

Your Zoom ID is a unique code that will link students to your personal Zoom room. To find it, follow these steps:

1. Login to Zoom

Go to Select "My Zoom Account" on the screen, and login using your BYU-Idaho credentials.

You will see a page like this when you first login to your account.

2. Open your profile

In the menu on the left of the page, select the "Profile" tab.

3. Copy your Personal Meeting ID URL

In the section "Personal Meeting ID," you'll see a URL. Copy the link.

Paste your Zoom ID into the Google form

Your Zoom Personal Meeting ID URL needs to be uploaded into I-Plan so the people you help will know where to meet you. To do so, take your copied ID URL from the step above, and fill out the following Google Form. Your Personal Meeting ID URL will show up as a location option in I-Plan within 24 hours.

Open the link to the form and paste your Zoom ID into the indicated space. Click "submit."

Create your tutoring schedule

Next, you'll need to establish the hours you are available to tutor students. Follow these steps:

1. Login to myBYUI

Login to the BYU-Idaho site like you usually do, with your username and password.

2. Open I-Plan

On the home page, there is a box titled "Academic Resources," which contains a link to I-Plan. Follow that link.

If you would prefer, you may simply visit This is a good site to bookmark.

3. Login to I-Plan

You will be prompted to login through BYU-Idaho. Enter the same username and password you use for the BYU-Idaho site.

4. Indicate your availability

Students who wish to meet with you will be able to view the days/times you are available and select a time slot. You can choose the days/times you are available.

1. Open the menu and

2. Select "Tutoring."

Click the arrow icon in the corner.

When the menu opens up, select "Schedule Appointments."

A calendar will pop up. Click a time when you are available to meet with students.

A window will pop up and ask you to complete several pieces of information.

1. "Date" and "time."

2. "Location." Remember that Zoom ID you used earlier? Click the drop-down menu and select your Zoom ID as the location. If you don't see your Zoom ID appear as a option, please email

3. "Type" and "stop registration." You may indicate whether you'd like to meet with students individually or in groups. You will only select "Drop-in" if you have been contacted by Online Employment & Scheduling and asked to facilitate drop-in tutoring. If you have not, then only select "One-to-one" or "Group."

"Stop registration" is how soon before the appointment students may sign up.

4. "Quick creation." This tool allows you to make this availability slot recurring. For example, if you are available every Monday and Wednesday from 9:00am to 10:00am for the whole semester, you may say so, and I-Plan will automatically put availability in the calendar for you on those days and times.

5. "Split time" and "breaks." This indicates how long you want appointments to be and how much time between appointments you want.

Be sure to click "Next" when you are finished.

If you are tutoring for more than one course, be sure to "select all" courses. The arrow button shows a list of all your courses.

When you are finished, click "Create Availability."

You will see the availability you selected show up on your calendar in green.

Repeat this process as many times as necessary until all of your online tutoring availability has been scheduled.

You are done. Great job!