Connect Canvas with MyLab Products

Follow these instructions to connect Canvas with the Pearson MyLab product included in your course. This is important to be able to deep integrate the assignments and pass grades back and forth between both systems. Remember to expand each checklist item to see screenshots and more information about that particular step.

Go to to login.

Typically this is a course coming up in the next semester. Currently, this can include math, economic, and geology courses.

A new page will open to VitalSource giving the option to 'Read Now' or 'Launch Courseware.'

This may appear as a 'Pop-up' window so you have to enable it if it's not opening.

You will need to authorize Canvas to access MyMathLab. Don't worry if this doesn't appear for you, since it may have already been authorized on your behalf as part of the integration setup process.

Once you have finished you will be directed to Pearson's to 'Link Accounts'.

You will see the following message once you have finished the connecting your Pearson account with Canvas.

You have finished connecting your Pearson account with Canvas and you will see the textbook information.

Please sign up using the information that was provided with your course in the General Teaching Notes.

You are done. Great job!