How Do I Submit Final Grades? (Pathway)

This only applies to Pathway courses. For all other courses, read the "How Do I Submit Final Grades?" article.

It is  your responsibility to make sure that the gradebook is ready to go, so that Pathway can pull your grades into the Pathway system. Make sure that:

  1. Every grade item that needs a zero (0) has a zero (0).
  2. All the grades have been updated and are finalized.

On the  grade submit deadline, Pathway will pull your grades into its student records system. There isn't any official grade submit button or confirmation.


Here are some frequently asked questions and the best know practices to resolve them.

Incomplete and Unofficial Withdrawal Grades

When issuing final grades, please be aware that Incomplete grades and Unofficial Withdrawals are currently not options available for Pathway students. Please enter a letter grade from A to F for each student.

Additional Resources

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