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Pre-Conversion Process Overview

This article is an overview of pre-conversion process. Ask me any questions that aren't answered here, and I'll try and add them.


1. Where do I find out what I am assigned to do?

Quick answer: check trello and qcuity. Any questions go to your ISR.

ISR's are responsible for assigning their team members to the meetings, and they will be adding each team member to the cards in Trello that are assigned to them. Additionally, they will be sending out Slack messages or emails to notify you when you've been assigned to a meeting.


You can check things on the Trello board by clicking the "Menu" button and then filtering the cards:

Filter by your name and your cards will show up. Appointments should show up on the cards with the date and time set for the meeting.

If the date and time don't show up, then you can check acuityscheduling.com . Log in with ftc@byui.edu as your email and byui1234 as your password.

1. Make sure you're on the correct date.

2. Verify which designer you're meeting with.

3. Click the name of the appointment.

4. Check who is assigned to that meeting.

Please check frequently to make sure you know which meetings you will be attending!

2. Where is information about the courses I will be working on?

Information about your the courses you've been assigned to is found in trello. Each trello card has a link to the Brightspace version of a course and a spreadsheet with all the course details, as well as the instructor name and information.


1. Lists who is responsible for this course. There should be an ISR, an FTC employee, and a designer on each course. Don't add yourself willy nilly to courses!

2. Labels concerning the course. If this is your course, check the lables are correct. If it is to be taught in Fall 2018, the label should be on it. Add it if it isn't.

3. Links.

4. Appointment time (only on newer cards)

5. More links.

3. What is on the spreadsheet when it first is created?

The spreadsheet should auto populate a lot of information from the survey the teachers fill out.

Note that the words "Standardized Course" will appear at the top of the spreadsheet if you're working on a master course. These courses will only be copied once, by the course lead.

Give the rest of the information a quick glance to ensure that everything looks correct.

4. What do I need to fill out on the spreadsheet before the meeting?

4.1. Normal spreadsheet

Quick answer: pre-conversion sheet on their spreadsheet. That's it.

On most sheets, you will go to the second sheet and only fill out information there. This list of information currently looks like this:


4.1.1. Prep


1. Make sure the trello card has the right ISR and assigned employee (you).

2. Add any necessary tags to the trello card (like "Fall 2018" or "Frenchmen" etc.)

3. Move the card to the right bucket on trello. As soon as you start working on a card, move it to the "FTC: Prepare" column.

Note: Right now we have several confusing buckets. From now on, please just move the cards pretty much one at a time to where they belong. Debra Lowe moves all the cards for the current day into the list called "Today - Priority" list, so don't be surprised if the card is there. Leave it in that bucket EVEN IF you are preparing it on that day. Once it's in "Today - Priority" the designers should be the only ones to move it out.

4. On the spreadsheet's first page, add in all the information above the big line that you can (except whether they want their course converted). It should look like the sample below (thanks Billy):



4.1.2. Check the course

Check these settings in the course, EXCEPT for the question banks. We are going to just discuss this in the survey with faculty. Some suggestions on how to do this quickly:

1. If the syllabus isn't in an obvious place, do a search for it in the content search bar.

2. Check for a weighted grade book by opening grades and then opening the "Setup Wizard".

3.  Go to Course Admin > Rubrics. If there are any custom rubrics, mark "Yes". If there are only rubric templates, mark "No." You can also put in the comments on the spreadsheet information on whether the rubrics that've been created in the course are locked for editing. If they are, they're likely used somewhere in the course.

4. Check for any little lock symbols next to quizzes in the Quizzes tab. If they exist, then you know that quiz has a password.

5. Check and see if there's anything in the question library. If there is, mark "Yes".

6. Put the card in "Ready for CCD - Pre".

4.2. Old Style Spreadsheet

If you're working on one of the courses that copied the early version of the spreadsheet, the "FTC - Pre" spreadsheet page has a few issues. It doesn't copy any of the information you put into it onto the main page of the spreadsheet, so just check to make sure that you put in the information onto the "Course Survey" sheet rather than the "FTC - Pre" sheet, but follow essentially the same instructions as are posted above.