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How Do I Handle Incoming Tickets Assigned To Me?

This article explains how an FTC employee should handle an incoming ticket that has been assigned to her/him.

TeamDynamix Desktop

When you access TeamDynamix at td.byui.edu, your default desktop should include a widget called "FTC Tickets Assigned to Me". All the tickets that the issue router has assigned to you will appear here. Click on the Title of a ticket to open it.


Check the Description of the ticket to see what services are needed. Whatever action you take from here, click the Update button to record the action.

  1. Change the status of the article. Here are the meanings behind some of the common statuses:
    • Working - You understand what is needed and just need some time to complete the necessary task
    • Waiting for User - You cannot complete the request until you have heard back from the requestor
    • Resolved - You have solved the problem or fulfilled the request
    • Closed - The requestor has confirmed that they are satisfied with your service
  2. Templates allow you to pre-fill commonly used text into the comments box. Click on Templates, then hover over FTC to display a list of messages that you can use.
  3. If you intend the requestor to see your comment, make sure you uncheck the "Make comments private" box. You would only want to leave this box checked if you wanted to hide comments from the requestor.
  4. If needed, adjust the text in the comments box to ask for more information, update the requestor etc.
  5. Click in the Notify box to select people to notify. Most often you will want to select the requestor.
  6. (Optional) If needed, you can enter other BYU-Idaho users into the "Notify Other People" box.