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How to Act as Scribe in an Online Group Discussion

This article gives instructions on how to act as a scribe in an online group activity for Brother Manner's CHEM 105 class.

Access a PDF Editor

If you are using a Mac, the default PDF viewer "Preview" will work just fine. If you are using a PC, you will want to obtain a program that allowed you to annotate a PDF. A good option is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which you can download for free by clicking on this link: https://get.adobe.com/reader/.

You will probably want to spend a few minutes learning how to highlight/underline text and add notes in the PDF editor you are using.

Download the PDF for the Group Assignment

The PDF for the group assignment will be available in I-Learn. Download the PDF and open it in the PDF editor you obtained in the previous step. 

Share Your Screen

  1. At some point during the class Adobe Connect meeting, you will be broken up into your groups. At this point, the group's scribe will share his/her screen with the rest of the group. If you are prompted to download an Adobe Flash plugin, follow those prompts. 
  2. Everyone in the group should be able to hear one another. If your group cannot hear you, click on the microphone icon in the lower right menu bar on your screen.
  3. The scribe should pull up the PDF in the PDF editor so that everyone in the group can see it on his/her screen. As the group discussion proceeds, the scribe will make relevant annotations on the PDF.

Share the Annotated Document

After the group meeting is over, the scribe should save the annotated PDF and share it with the rest of the group by email. Your classmate's emails are available on I-Learn by going to "More Tools", then "Classlist".