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How Do I Convert A VHS To DVD?

Price: $10 per VHS

1. Turn on the VCR and corresponding TV.
2. When the VCR is finished starting up (it takes a minute or so), push the Drive Select button to select VHS. The Drive Select button is located on the panel on the right side of the VCR behind the cover.
3. Insert and cue the tape (get it to where you need to record, either the beginning or the start of the clip).
4. Insert a blank DVD-R and wait for the player to finish reading it.
5. Push and hold the right side of the silver circular button on the VCR (the arrow should point to the right). Hold this button for at least three seconds.
6. The screen should display a message. Push the Record button if you want the DVD to automatically be finalized when recording is finished, or push the Play button if you want to finalize the DVD manually (which you will have to do if you stop recording before reaching the end of the tape).
7. Wait forever...
8. When the video is finished, one of two things may happen. If you pushed the Record button to start and then wait for the tape to stop playing on its own, the DVD will be automatically finalized. However, if you pushed the play button to start or push stop before the tape stops on its own, the DVD will NOT be automatically finalized, which means that it will not be playable in other DVD players or computers. If this happens, you will need to manually finalize the DVD (see the article).