URL2LTI is used to pass variables containing user information to external URLs to be used to fill out forms and other fields.


Set Up

To set up a URL2LTI link in your course, first click on the modules tab in your Canvas course.

Click on the "+" symbol next to the module where you are wanting to add the link.

Choose "External Tool" from the drop down then scroll down and click on "Non-Gradeable External URL" from the list of available LTIs.

On this page you will need to enter the destination URL (the one you are wanting to send the information to), give the link a name, and check the data you wish to add to the URL.

You may even add in custom attributes if desired. To do this click on the plus button. You will then be prompted to fill out the relevant information. When you are done customizing your link, click on the "Create Link" button.

Change the name of the link if you wish then click on the "Add Item" button when done.

You have now successfully created a link using the URL2LTI tool. When users click on the link, the requested information will be sent to the URL and can be used to fill out forms. (i.e fill out survey information).

Here is an example URL that holds the information of the user that clicked on the link.

NOTE: Qualtrics surveys are currently the best option for this tool, however, if you wish for another website to be available for use, you can submit a request to the I-Learn Governance Counsel.

You will be presented with the following notification if you enter in a URL that has not been added for use with the URL2LTI tool.

Click on the link that says "I-Learn Gov's Technology Council" which will open up to Outlook and allow you to send an email requesting that the URL be added.