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Using a RedShelf E-Text In Your Course

Set Up

1. Redshelf is an External Tool.  It can be added anywhere you can add an External Tool link.  For this example we will be adding it to your courses module page.

2. On your modules page find the module you wish to add the RedShelf link to and click the ‘+’ button to add an item to the module.

3. Click on the drop down menu that says "Assignments" and choose "External Tool"

You should be presented with an image similar to the one below.

4. Scroll down to "RedShelf eBooks" and select it.

5. If desired you may rename your link by changing the text in the page name textbox.


6. Most external tools work best when launched in a new window.  If this is your desire check the box that says "Load in a new tab"

6. Once all the previous steps are completed you may click "Add Item" and then publish the link.  

Once students have access to the link all they need to do is to click on it and their Textbook will be shown in the RedShelf MyShelf.

Copy Redshelf Content to Another Course

To copy Redshelf content to a course first click on "Settings" in the course where you want to move the content to.

On the right side of the page, click on "Import Course Content".

In the "Content Type" box, select "Copy a Canvas Course".

Next, search for and select the course that contains the Redshelf content you want to import.

Once you have selected the course, select the "Select specific content" option. Then click "Import".

Click on the box that says "Select Content".

Navigate to the modules where the Redshelf content is located and select them. When you have finished with your selection, click on the "Select Content" button.

When the course has finished copying the content it will say "Completed" in green. The import has been successful and the content is now copied into your course.