Taskstream can be used to create websites, portfolios, and standards/goals.

Set Up

To set up Taskstream to be used in your course, first click on modules.

Click on the "+" symbol on the module you wish to add the Taskstream content.

Select "External Tool" then scroll down and click on "Taskstream" from the list.

Scroll down and add a name if you wish. When you are done click "Add Item".

Creating Web Pages and Portfolios

Taskstream allows you to create web pages and portfolios using the tools that they provide. To create one, first click on the link to Taskstream in your module.

You will now be presented with the Taskstream homepage. Click on "FOLIOS & WEB PAGES".

Add in a title for the web page or portfolio then click "CREATE NEW".

Select a template to use for your web site or portfolio or you can choose to design one from scratch. When you are done, click "Continue".

Select a theme from the list of options by clicking on it.

You can choose the type of layout that you would like along with the color scheme. You can preview the site by click on the "PREVIEW" button. When you are done, click "APPLY".

Now we need to edit our website. To do so, click the "Edit Content" tab.

Click on the page/area you would like to edit.

Click on the "Edit" button next to the section.

Edit the information by typing in text or add pictures. Click "SAVE AND RETURN" when you are done editing the content.

You may continue to add the content that you wish by editing the pages. When you are finished editing, click on the "Publish/Share" button to share what you have created with others so they can view it as well.

Select your preferred option for sharing what you just created. You can email a link to others, publish it so that anyone who has the link can access the site, or publish it to your designated cybrary for others to copy and edit it. If you decide to email or publish to the web, you can add in a password so only those who know the password can view it.

Here is an example of publishing to the web. You can customize the end of the web address and choose if you wish to include a password or not. Click "PUBLISH" when done.

If you wish to add a link in Canvas to your course so that students can view it, first copy the link of your site then go to the module where you would like to add the link and click on the "+" symbol.

Choose "External Tool", paste the link, name the page, then click "Add Item". Make sure the link is published in your course.

You are always able to go back and edit your site. Any changes you make will automatically update your site to reflect the changes you have made.


Taskstream allows you to create standards and target sets which are used as goals for your course. To add standards click on the "Standards" tab in Taskstream..

Click on "Browse Standards & Outcomes" if you wish to select standards that have already previously been made. Otherwise, click on "Create and Edit Target Sets".

If you selected "Create and Edit Target Sets", click "CREATE NEW TARGET SET" on the following page.

Give your set a title and then select the standards you wish to include. When you are done, click "CREATE TARGET SET".

Click the "Save" button on the following page.


In Taskstream, the communications tab contains the content that is used to communicate with others, view announcements, and view the calendar.


The resources tab contains your "Mybrary" which holds all of the content that you have created, the "Cybrary", which holds the work of others, "Online Storage" that keeps track of how much space you have used and how much is available, and "Pack-It-Up" that lets you download your work so you can view it offline.