Films On Demand


The Films On Demand LTI allows instructors to easily find and embed videos to their course.

Setup as an External Tool

To add a Films On Demand video to the course, first click on "Modules" in Canvas.

Click on the "+" icon next to the module where the video should be added.

Select "External Tool" from the drop down then scroll down to "Films on Demand" and click on it.

Adding Videos

Search for the video that needs to be added.

Once the video has been found, click on "Embed" and select the size of the video (Small, Medium, or Large).

Scroll down to the bottom and add in a page name for the video. When finished, click "Add Item".


  • The new item MUST be published before students can access it.

A video can also be added to an assignment for the students to gain easy access. To add a Films on Demand video to an assignment, first go to the assignments in Canvas and click on the assignment to which the video should be added.

Click on the "Edit" button on the page to edit the assignment.

Click on the "More External Tools" button and click on the "Films On Demand" option.

Search for the video that needs to be added.

After finding the video, click on the "Embed" option and choose the size of the video (Small, Medium, or Large).

The video will now be visible.

Save the changes by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the "Save" button.

A Films on Demand video has now been successfully added to an assignment.


For additional help, see the Films On Demand Support Center. The Support Center has popular help articles and a search bar to find answers to questions.

You are done. Great job!