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Connecting & Following on Portfolium

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Adding other users and following companies on your Portfolium can expand your network and job opportunities.

Following companies

1. Log into


2. On the home page, Follow More Companies, located on the right-hand side of the home page beneath Profile Strengths

Profile Strengths

3. You Follow under the companies you wish to follow. Once you have selected a company, you will be alerted to that company’s job notifications and opportunities.   


Following friends

1. Log into


2. Select the icon with Me, located at the upper right-hand corner of the page.   


3. Click View Profile.  

view profile

4. Under the Classmates You May Know header, located at the bottom of the page, use the search bar to look up names and emails to add friends or project teammates.  

Classmates You May Know

5. A list of classmates will appear. Select the classmate you would like to add

6. Select +Connect, located in the lower right-hand corner of the classmate's profile banner.


7. Confirm your request.

The classmate will need to approve the connection in return.  


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