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Read below to find out what Lync is, how it can benefit you, and how you can get it.

What is Lync?

Lync, also known as Skype for Business, is an instant messenger system intended for one-on-one communication. Within Lync, you will see your current status, as well as those of anyone you add to your Contacts or Favorites lists: green means available, yellow means off-work or away from the desk, and red means busy and should not be disturbed. A nice aspect of Lync is that it interacts with your Outlook calendar and sets your status automatically to in a meeting or do not disturb when it detects you are busy. It is also highly accessible;it can be accessed via other Microsoft applications such as Outlook, SharePoint, and Word.

Who can get a Lync account?

If you are a full-time or part-time (student) employee, you are automatically given a Lync account. To request that a person outside of these roles (full-time or part-time employee) be given a Lync account, email

How do I get Lync?

Lync is available to download for both Windows and Mac, web access, and mobile devices. On-campus staff members–both full-time and part-time–will be able to install Lync from Microsoft’s Download Center.  Here you can also find and download quick reference cards that will help you use the software to its fullest. 

More benefits of Lync
  • Find Experts: By hovering their mouse pointer over a person in their contact list, users can see that person’s calendar, location, and organizational structure. This allows users to search for experts with specialized skills at BYU-Idaho. 
  • Multimedia Meetings: This feature allows users to quickly form groups in formal or ad-hoc meetings. These meetings may include video, application, and desktop sharing. Lync also allows users to switch between multiple video and audio devices during a conference. 
  • Calling Capabilities: Lync facilitates traditional phone calls and VoIP conversations, allowing employees to use their computers as soft phones. Lync also supports HD video calls. 


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