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Changing Permissions in Equella

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Access to Control Lists Permissions in Equella are dictated by access control lists, or ACLs. A users role typically determines which permissions and privileges they are given to manage content. Permissions and roles in Equella can be changed by those with that authority.

Access Control Lists (ACL)

 An ACL in Equella: 

  • Defines what items, tasks, and functionalities are available to Equella users  
  • Grants privileges to users 
  • Revokes privileges from users  

There is a hierarchy of ACLs, with each ACL slowly increasing in the amount of privileges they allow. 

Names of ACLs and their privileges

Institution: Allows users all privileges.

Collection: Allows users all privileges within a specific collection.

Item: Allows users specific and manually-selected privileges.

Role: Allows users all privileges within a specific role.

ACL examples

Creator: Responsible for content creation and editing.

Editor: Responsible for refining content to the standards defined by the projects client.

Publisher: Responsible for releasing content for public use.

Administrator: Responsible for managing ACLs for content and users.

User: Responsible for reading or otherwise consuming published content.


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