Most of this information can be found in the Online Handbook, so check there if you have any further questions. This is just meant as an at-a-glance glossary so you can quickly learn our most common terms without subjecting yourself to pages and pages of policy. Always use the Online Handbook as an official guide when editing others’ work.

Course Council

A group of three people who design and regulate online classes. A course council is assigned to every course. The team consists of a course lead, a curriculum designer, and an online course representative.

Course Lead

A full-time, on-campus faculty member who’s responsible for managing the content of their online course.

Course Support Specialist

A student employee who makes changes to online courses whenever a Course Council sees something wrong. The Course Council recommends the change and the course support specialist implements it.

Curriculum Designer

An on-campus faculty member who creates the actual activities in online courses.

Curriculum Development

A department within the Online Organization that oversees Online Curriculum Development and Campus Curriculum Development.

Data Portal

A tool for Course Councils, online associate deans, and department chairs. It shows them statistics for all of the online courses.

Department Chair

The faculty member who, among other things, oversees all of the course leads within his/her college.

Improvement Project

A major revision in an online course. It takes more time and effort to implement than maintenance tickets.

Integrated Curriculum

An initiative that encourage the Online Organization and campus to share their data and core content with one another.

Maintenance Tickets

A small change to an online course, such as rewording an activity’s instructions.


A term that refers to the entire organization, not just one specific department. It’s used interchangeably with “the Online Organization.”

Online Associate Dean

A full-time faculty member who serves on the Online Development Council. He/she creates and reviews the Online Organization’s policy and encourages cooperation between campus departments and the Online Organization.

Online Course Representative (OCR)

An online instructor who teaches the course he/she represents. The OCR gathers the opinions of the course’s instructors and students and gives that data to the Course Council so they can see what changes need to be made.

Online Development Council (ODC)

A team of Online and campus staff who determine the vision of the Online Organization. It’s made up of a bunch of important people, such as the online vice president, online associate deans, and managing directors.

Online Executive Council (OEC)

The team that’s one step above the ODC. It’s made up of certain members of the ODC, like the online vice president.

Online Learning

 A department within the Online Organization. Online Learning doesn’t refer to Online as a whole.

Online Learning Council (OLC)

The team that reports to the ODC. It proposes policy to ODC and evaluates online course success.

Reference Course

Every online course has a reference course. When a change is made to a reference course, all of the sections (e.g. FDENG101-32, FDENG101-33, FDENG101-34, etc) are affected.

Scaled Course

Also known as a live course, this is a course that can be accessed by students.


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