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How to QA an Agent Live Chat

Go to the BSC QA website and login with the username and password you have been given.

The page that you will land on is the Primary Evaluation page. This is where you want to be. Make sure you select the live chat tab.

Below will be a list of agents that need to be QA’d for the day. Pay attention to the shift that is listed under the agent’s name. Click on the agent’s name and a QA ticket will pop up

NOTE: If a Privacy Error page pops up, just click the “Advanced” button, then click on “Proceed to.” A new page will pop up, and you will sign in with your QA username and password again. After you successfully log in, close that tab and go back to the original QA webpage that you opened up.

Once you pull up the ticket, go back to the BSC QA website and hover on the “Sources” button and then click “Live Chat.”

After the page loads, you can look through the list of live chats completed and try and find the employee’s name, or you can click on the “Search For Agent” button.

Select the agent’s name in the “Agent Name” box and click the “Search” button. If no live chats pull up, go back to the search page and change the “From” date to two days prior. Search again.

If live chats appear, select a live chat and use that for the QA.

Go back to the QA ticket and fill it out by first pulling up the agent’s account in the “Employee Name” box. You can find them with their I-number or name, just make sure you pull up the correct person. Go through the questions and answer “Yes” if the agent completed what the question lists. Select “No” if they did not fulfill or complete the requirement in the question.

When you select “No” for a question, a text box will appear and you will need to explain why you selected “No” for that question. For example, if you say “No” to number 12, you could say “The agent did not use the chatter’s name at all throughout the conversation.”

After going through all the questions, pull up the QA website again, hover on the “Evaluations” tab at the top right of the page and select “Calculator.” Select live chat and fill out the questions to reflect how you filled out the QA ticket for the agent. For this example, say you only put “No” for number 12, but you put “Yes” for all the other questions, do the same in the calculator page. After filling it out, you will see a score as a percentage at the top. Go back to the QA ticket and put that score in the “QA Score 1” section.

Based on what the Outreach agent selected for their post-live chat survey, select a topic for the live chat in the “QA Main topic of the contact?” section of the QA ticket.

In the next section, put the agent’s department. Also fill in the position area and shift of the agent by the information below the agent's name on the website.

In the “Summary” section, you will simply copy and paste the questions and the feedback that you left the agent for each question that you answered “No.”

The last thing that you will need to do to finish the QA is attach the live chat in the “Attachment” section. Do this by going back to the “Sources” then “Live Chat” page, then clicking on the green page button which will download the chat transcript to your computer.

Go back to the QA ticket and click on the “Browse” button, select the live chat in whatever file you saved it on your computer, then click the “Open” button

After that, look through everything in the QA ticket to make sure it is filled out correctly, then click the green “Save” button at the top of the ticket. Now you know how to QA a live chat!