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How to Edit a Job Posting

NOTE! This screensteps will only work for you if you have been given BYUI Job Board access by your supervisor!

1. Search "Job Board" in the search bar of the main BYUI website. Select the first option. It should read "Student Employment"

2. If you aren't already logged in, log in. Once logged in and on this page, select the "Manage" tab at the top besides the "Home" page.

3. Select the job you'd like to post.

4. This first page shows you the details of the jobs. If anything needs to be updated, scroll to the bottom and click "Edit". This will allow you to configure the job description, change the posting dates, update the pay amount, etc. as well as add more pre-set questions for the applicants to fill out here on the job board. 

5. To see the different applicants, select the "Applicants" tab at the top of the page. 

6. Here you can review any documents you required (ie. Cover Letter, Resume) on the first page. You can also review their answers to the pre-set questions.

7. To move someone to be interviewed, select the box besides the applicant's name and then select the "interview" button to the right. 

NOTE! Selecting the "Interview" button does not automate any kind of communication with the applicant. You will still need to reach out to let them know that you'd like to interview them and when. The purpose of the "Interview" button is simply to help you as the hiring agent to sort the applicants in a useful way.

8. To see who you have moved to be interviewed, select the "To Be Interviewed" radio button. 

9. Once a hiring decision has been made, select those who you'd like to hire with the box beside their name, insert their pay rate, then select the "Hire" button. Congrats on your new hire!

10. For the applicants who are not being hired, there is an option here in the job board that you can use to send an email notifying them. To send this email, simply select the box beside their name then click the "Decline" button.

11. This will open up a separate window for you to see the pre-set rejection letter. We do not use this email template as it shows that it's from BYU-Idaho Employment and we want the email to be from our respective department.

12. To decline the applicant without sending the email, simply click "Do Not Send Email."

NOTE: Now that you've declined the applicant without sending the pre-set email, you MUST go to your department email and send a rejection letter from your department.