BYUI Help Guides Level 2 DR TrainingsAdding a New Email Signature in Outlook

Adding a New Email Signature in Outlook

  1. Open outlook and select "New Email."

2.    Write out your email in the window that opens up.

3.     When you're ready to insert your signature, click on the "Signature" option in the tool bar, then the "Signatures" option in the drop down bar that appears.

NOTE: Sometimes, you will need to select the "Insert" option on the toolbar in order to find the "Signature" option.

4.     In the dialogue box that opens up, click on the "New" option

5.     An option to name your signature will appear. Normally, you would use your name. For our purposes, we will use the name "Jane Doe." Click "OK."

6.     You can now edit the new signature. Make it your own, while still looking professional. You can change the font of your name, as long as it's still legible, and the color of your name. Include the Department email and phone number, as well as the name of the BYU-Idaho Support Center. Then click "OK."

7.     You will be taken back to the original message screen. Click on the "Signature" option again select your new signature!

8.     This will insert your signature into the body of the email. You're all set!