Adding & Customizing Desktops in TD

Updated Jul 16, 2019

You can add or customize a desktop through BYUI TD. Once logged in on your personal desktop near the top of the page you will find an "Edit Desktop" button.

This will open up to the image below. It will show a list of the current reports on your desktop. For the purpose of Department Relations all the reports we use can be found in the Available Content section, on the left side, in the (BSC) Systems and Depts. and Analysis drop downs.

On this same page you can edit the layout of your desktop. There are multiple layouts, you may choose which ever you prefer. There isn't a specific layout that is required.

Employees are also able to delete desktops and choose their default desktop. At the top of TD on the far right side there is a gear, click on that to manage your desktops.

Once you have added all the reports of your choosing to your desktop you can select one to be your default by pressing set. If you add unnecessary reports and want to delete them that can also be done through this section by simply pressing delete on the report you no longer need.

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