Creating a New KB Article

Updated Aug 01, 2019

1. Go to the category you want the article to be in

2.  Click on the "New Article" option on the left hand side

3. You will see a text editor like this open up:

4. To start, create a heading for the article. Selected the drop-down bar that says "normal" and select the text size you want. Start with Heading 2.

5. For sub sections, use Heading 3.

Note: Don't change the font size, just choose a different font type.

6. To create a table, select the table image in the text editor. Tables are used in many articles, especially Triages.

7. A new editor box will show up. Here, you can type how many rows and columns you need.

Note:  Make sure the "Add Borders" and "Compact Style Table options are checked.

8. Center all your headings (the first row and first column). The subsequent columns should NEVER be centered.

Note: If you have too many rows, you can right click in the row, hover over the "Row" option in the list that shows up, and select "Delete Rows." You can do the same for Columns.

Now, change the colors of your Table's cells.

9. Right click inside a cell. Click on the "Cell" option, and then click on the "Cell Properties" option.

10. A new text editor option will open up. Use this color code for the cells (#002640). Input the code into the option that says "Background Color." Click OK.

11. Use the regular text editor to change the text color of the Headings to White and Bolded.

12. The last thing you need to do is fill out the options at the bottom of the page.

13. Every article needs to have the Status set to (1) "Approved",  (2) "Published to KB" checked, and (3) "Notify owner on Feedback" checked with the (4) owner set to "BSC Department Relations"

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