New Ticketing Process for I-Plan

Updated Jul 27, 2019

We have removed the I-Plan form from the homepage. If an agent has an I-Plan issue that is a technical issue, they will ticket it under the IT form. If it is an I-Plan walk through, it will be ticketed under the Advising form.

Filling out the IT Form

If students are having technical issues with I-Plan, fill out an IT Form for them. Start by selecting the IT Form in the homepage

This is what the IT Form will look like

In the IT Tags section, select the option that says "I-Plan."

A section will pop up that says "I-Plan Link." Click on that link.

This will take you to a service in the knowledge base. Select the green button on the right hand side that says "Share."

Type in the email of the person who you are sending the form to and notify them it will go to their BYUI Email. Click "Save" and it will send the Email!

Filling out the Advising Form

If students need an I-Plan Walkthrough, fill out an Advising Form.

Fill out the ticket, choose the appropriate department, and select "Sent to Level 2". Warm transfer the student to their correct department. Once the ticket is finished click save.

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