How to Submit an Online Course Authorization

Updated Jan 14, 2019

When a customer calls and requests to be added to an online class, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the correct Dashboard (phones, live chat, etc.) and select the box with a check mark in it

2. This takes you to a ticket request page. Select the "Share" option.

3. Type in the students email in the new dialogue box that opens up. It will look like this:  

4. When the student clicks on the link in the email, they will see the screen below. If they select "No" under the question "Is the course you would like to add an Online Course?" they will not be able to submit a request.

5. If the course is offered online, further questions will appear. The student must fill out each question in order to have their Online Authorization request considered. If they have questions, use the image below to help walk them through submitting the request.  

6. Once the student finishes filling out the request form, they MUST hit the request button at the bottom or their request will not be saved.

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