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How Do I Evaluate A Write-In Score Submission?

This article shows faculty how to evaluate a Write-In Score submission.

Select the desired program.

Click Continue.

Click Evaluate.

Click Score Work.

Your browser may have a pop-up blocker. To disable it for Taskstream.com and score the work, click on the red box with the X at the top right of the browser, and select the option to always enable pop-ups from Taskstream.com

After disabling the pop-up blocker, two browsers will appear. The one on the left is the student's work, and the one on the right contains the grading method and additional options.

Write the score in the box titled Score. Additionally, comments can be added. Three files can also be uploaded, which can be marked as visible or invisible to the student.

There are three more options after evaluating the assignment. The first is to send it back for revision, the second is to record it as the final but release the evaluation to the student later, and the third is to record it as the final and release it to the student immediately.