EdTech Help GuidesGS107 PowerPointHow Do I Insert An Audio Clip Into Powerpoint? (copied)

How Do I Insert An Audio Clip Into Powerpoint? (copied)

Below are instructions on how to download and insert an audio clip into Powerpoint.

Download the audio clip

1. Right click with the mouse on the Sound Effect of Cheers button.

2. Select Save Link As...

Sound Effect of Cheers button is found on the Ed Tech Lab Website: http://www.byuiedtechlab.com/ppt-p-content.html

Audio clip continued

1. Select MP3 audio as the format for the Sound Effect of Cheers.

2. Click the save button.

Insert audio clip

1. Select the Insert tab.

2. Select the audio icon (as shown above).

3. Select Audio from File...

Insert audio clip continued

1. Select the audio clip you want to use.

2. Click the insert button.

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