EdTech Help GuidesGS107 PowerPointHow Do I Insert An Image Into Powerpoint? (copied)

How Do I Insert An Image Into Powerpoint? (copied)

Below are insturctions on how to save, copy, and insert an image from the web to powerpoint.

How to Save Images

Use this link if needed: http://www.byuiedtechlab.com/ppt-p-content.html

1. Right click on the image.

2. Select Save Image As...

Saving Images Continued

1. Label what to save the image as.

2. Select where to save the image.

3. Select the Save button.

Inserting Image into Powerpoint

1. Select the insert tab.

2. Click on the Pictures option.

3. Select Picture from File...

Inserting Image Continued

1. Select the image file.

2. Click Insert.

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