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How Do I Insert An Image Into Word? (copied)

Below are instructions on how to save and insert an image from a website into a Word Document.

Insert an image

1. Right click on the image.

2. Select the option "Save Image As..."

Saving image onto computer

3. Choose what you want to save the image as to the computer.

4. Click the save button.

Inserting image into document

5. Select the insert tab.

6. Click on the pictures button.

7. Select the option "Picture from File..." or  "This Device" if using office 365.

Inserting image continued

8. Search for what you saved the image as.

9. Click on the saved image.


Final image in document

10.  The image will appear in the word document.

If the image needs to be moved, follow the directions below on how to "wrap text". (Wrap text can work for text boxes and shapes as well)

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