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How Do I Create A Weebly?

Below are instructions on how to set up and create your own blog/website on Weebly.

Create Account

1. If you have already created an accout, select log in.

2. If you are new to Weebly, select sign up and create an account using your information.

Select a Theme

1. Select the theme you would like to use.

Website Domain

Choose a websit domain.  Select a Subdomain of Weebly.com (otherwise you will have to pay.)

Editing Pages

  1. Select the Pages tab.
  2. Select the page you wish to edit.
  3. Click on the plus button to add a page.


Building Pages

1. After selecting the page you want to edit, select the Build tab.

2. Drag elements from the tool panel onto the page.

Inserting Elements

1. Select what you would like to add to the page.

2. Drag and drop the content.

If you want to add content below, above, or to the the side of previous content, move the icon to wherever you would like to drop it and the light blue line will indicate where it will drop.

Edit Text

1. Click the text box.

2. A toolbar will appear.  The toolbar gives you the option to edit the font and size of the text.

Inserting An Image

1. After clicking "Upload Image," this box should appear. The first option is to upload photo from your computer.

2. There is also the option to search for an image from Weebly.  (Be sure to use the "free photos" tab.)

3. Another option is to use an Image URL (be sure to follow copyright laws when using a photo from the web.)

Uploading A File

1. Select File.

2. Drag and drop the icon onto the Weebly site.

Uploading A File Continued

1. Click on the file.

2. Select "Upload File".

Uploading File Continued

1. Click Upload file from your computer and select the file you would like to upload.

Publishing Weebly Site

1. Once your weebly site is completed, click on the blue "Publish" button in the right hand corner.

Publishing Continued

1. Select the address you would like to use.

2. Select Continue.

Be sure to use the published URL when accessing (or submitting) your weebly site. DO NOT copy and paste the URL from the search bar, it does not give others access to view your site.