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How Do I Put an Action Button in Microsoft PowerPoint?

The action button in Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to use a provided button to connect your slide to other slides in the presenation, and outside links.

Putting an Action Button in PowerPoint

Select the "Home" tab.

Finding the Action Buttons

1. Select the shapes button.

2. Scroll down to find the "Action Buttons" section.

3. Select the "Action Button" you wish to use.

The Hyperlink Button

1. Click and drag to insert the action button onto your slide.

2. An "Action Settings" screen will pop up. Select the "Hyperlink to:" option.

Select a Destination

Select the destination for your action button.

Hyperlink to an Outside Page

1. If you choose to link a URL, another box will pop up. Copy and paste the URL into the designated spot. Click the "Add" button to add your hyperlink.

2. Click "OK" to complete the process.

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