How Do I Find a Credible Source?

Below are instructions on how to find and use a credible source for the Internet and Communications TCA.

Use advanced search techniques (quotes, "and," "or," etc.) to find a credible resource that helps you answer the following copyright issue in your classroom: For how long after a public TV broadcast can you use the broadcast in your classroom without getting permission from the copyright holder?

1. Using Google as a search engine, enter the question.  Feel free to use advanced search techniques by using quotes, "and", "or", etc.

Figuring out which website is credible

Trying to find a credible website can be tricky, below we've listed a few ways to make sure you are using a credible source.

1. Look for listed sources, scholarly articles and books should have cited sources.

2. Check the domain. Domains like .com and .org can be owned by just about anyone. If a website is .edu or .gov it is more likely to be credible.

3. The article should have an author, google the author and check the reliablity of the person who wrote the information on the webpage.

Example of Credible Source

1. The website I chose was a .gov website about copyright.

2. The article was 24 pages, so to quicken my search I used my keyboard holding down the "command" key (or ctrl for PC) and the "F" key to search for key words within the article.

3. Highlight the answer to the question.

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