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How Do I Insert And Edit A Textbox?

Below are instructions on how to insert and edit a textbox in a Word Document.

Insert a text box

1. Click on the insert tab.

2. Select the text box tab.

3. Select the draw text box tab.

4. Click and drag mouse to create a text box the same size as shown in the example.

5. In the text box, type "5th Grade Science".

Allow text box free movement

To allow the text box free movement without changing the margins, follow these steps and refer to the example above:

1. Select the title text box.

2. Click on the shape format tab.

3. Select the arrange tab.

4. Select the wrap text tab.

5. Select the in front of text option.

Change the font of title

1. Click on the home tab.

2. Select the color icon shown above. (It looks like an A with red line underneath)

3. Select the size tab and select which font size to use.

4. Select the font tab and choose which font to use.

5. Select the bold button.

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