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How Do I Insert And Edit Shapes?

Below are instructions on how to insert, edit, and add text to shapes in a Word Document.

Insert two shapes

1. Select the insert tab.  

2. Select the shapes icon.

3. Select whichever shape matches.

4. Right click and selct "wrap text" (following the instructions above) to move the shape infront of the image.

Change the fill color of shapes

1. Select the shape.

2. Once the shape is selected, a "Shape Format" tab will appear.  Select that tab.

3. Select the shape fill image, and then select the color you want to fill the shape.

4. Select the icon shown above (looks like a pencil with a line underneath) to change the outline of the shape.

Add text to the shapes

1.  Double click on the shape.

2. Start typing in the shape. (The typing line may not appear, but once you start typing the words will appear)

If the text doesn't appear when you start typing, check to make sure the color of the text isn't the same as the color of the shape.

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