How Do I Submit Final Grades?

This is the process required by each Faculty/Instructor to submit final grades to be recorded on the students permanent record. 

*Note* - No assignments should be accepted from students after the final grade submission deadline unless you plan to submit an Incomplete for the student.  

Instructors teaching Pathway courses should use the instructions found here: How Do I Submit Final Grades? (Pathway) The instructions below apply to BYU-Idaho courses only.

Accessing Through "" (Faculty Tab)


  1. Sign in to
  2. From your landing page, click on the Faculty tab.
  3. There are two ways to access the tool. You can either click on BYU-Idaho Grade Entry or Grade Entry. 
Accessing Through I-Learn Canvas

The process for submitting final grades in Canvas is straightforward, but there are a few things that need to be done beforehand to make sure the grades will be properly passed from Canvas to the BYU-I grade portal.

Even though Canvas will not factor ungraded assignments into a student's final grade, the BYU-I grade portal will treat those assignments as 0s.  Each of the following are ways to correct that discrepancy.

Treat Ungraded Items as 0

In the top right of the gradebook in the settings, there is an option to treat ungraded items as 0.  This will not actually count the assignment as a 0 in the gradebook, but it will display the students' final grades as if they were 0s.  However, this only works for the teacher; students will have to do the same thing in their individual gradebooks.

Set Default Grade

The better option would be to set a default grade after an assignment is due.  This will input the grade of your choice into any missing submissions for a specific item.

If the default grade is set to 0 and "Overwrite already-entered grades" is left unchecked, any missing submissions will be set to 0.  It will not affect grades that have already been entered.

This will have to be done to all assignments with missing submissions.

Set Policy for Missing Submissions (New Gradebook)

In the new gradebook, you can set a missing submission policy that automatically sets assignment grades to 0 after the due date passes.  (The new gradebook can be enabled under "Feature Options" in a course's settings.)

Open Gradebook Settings

Click the settings cog in the top right of the gradebook.

Set Policy

  1. Check the box that says "Automatically apply grade for missing submissions."
  2. Enter the percentage that should be applied to missing submissions (usually 0%).
  3. Click "Update."

Excusing a Grade Item

If a student should be excused from an assignment, simply type "ex" in the grade box for that student.  This assignment will not count towards that student's final grade.

You cannot set a default grade to be excused.  If a whole class needs to be excused from an assignment, the best things to do would be to unpublish the assignment or exclude it from the final grade in the assignment's settings.

Submit Final Grades

Once all the grades in Canvas are correct (every assignment has been graded), click "Submit Final Grades" in the course navigation menu.  This will redirect you to the BYU-I grade portal.

Accessing Through I-Learn Brightspace

1. Once inside of your course, click the Teaching Tools tab.

2. Click on Grade Submit.

View Class List

In the new window, you will see each class you are teaching this semester. Classes highlighted in yellow are classes that still have unsubmitted grades. 

Click on View Class List. 

Input Grades

This is the main screen for the Grade Submission portal. 

  1. Select which grades you want to submit by clicking on the slider under the Submit column.
  2. Select the final grade that the student earned. 
  3. Click on the Submit button. 

If the grades pulled from I-Learn in the I-Learn Grade column are percentages, you will have to  manually convert those percentages that come over to a letter grade according to your grade scheme. Starting in Winter 2018, the grade pulled from I-Learn will always be a percentage.

You may notice that the students names are underlined. Clicking on them will link back to their grade page on I-Learn. 


If the student has a "F" grade in the class, they will have a box under the Participated column to mark whether or not the student participated in the course. 

Select "yes" or "no" for this student. 

Do I Have to Submit All My Grades at Once?

No. It will only submit whoever you select using the green slider under the Submit column. 

 If you only submitted a few students grades and come back later, the students will be organized into two categories: Unsubmitted on the top, and Submitted on the bottom. 

Once you have clicked the Submit Grades button, you will notice that your class is no longer highlighted in yellow, and that a checkmark has appeared to the left of the name. 

Your grades have been successfully submitted!