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How Do I Release Overall Grades to My Students?

By default, I-Learn now releases final grades automatically to students. As a result, faculty and instructors are no longer required to release these grades to students at the beginning of each semester.

If, for some reason, an instructor would NOT like the overall grade to be visible to students throughout the semester (which is not recommended), this tutorial shows the process of unreleasing overall  final grades.

(Final Calculated Grade = Overall Grade)

NOTE: This is not the same process as submitting final grades at the end of each semester. To learn more about submitting final grades, click this link.

How Do I Submit Final Grades?

Grades Tab

Click on My Grades and then select Grades.

Grades Released

If Final grades are released, the Final Calculated Grade column will display a symbol of an open eye next to each grade.

Grade All

1. Select the drop down arrow in the Final Calculated Grade column

2. Select Grade All

Unrelease All

  1. Click on the Select All Checkbox to select all of the students.
  2. Select Release/Unrelease All to unrelease all of the students grades.

Save and Close/Confirmation

After selecting Save and Close to finish, a window will appear asking you to confirm grades release. Select Yes.

Grades Unreleased

The symbol in the Final Calculated Grade column should change to an eye with a line through it. Grades are no longer visible to students.

If a student adds the class after you have released the final grade process, simply repeat this process when the late students have added the course and every student will be unable to see their overall grade.